What does the inspection involve?

We’ll check your proposed purchase from top to bottom, inside and out, including a visual inspection of wiring and plumbing. We may, if any doubt exists, recommend you have them checked by a licensed specialist in that particular field.

Pest Inspection

Be aware of any inspector who claims to be both a building inspector and a pest expert. Please ask us for advice. If you do require a pest inspection, we have access to several highly reputable termite inspection companies and can arrange to have a pest inspector on site with us for your total convenience.

The benefits of having “two heads on the one job” at the same time is a major advantage – also you don’t need to search for your own pest inspector and risk engaging a less than scrupulous operator.

Is it necessary for you to attend the inspection?

Whilst we do prefer you to be present during the inspection, it is certainly not necessary. We do encourage you to attend the inspection where we can give you a more personalised verbal report and you can take advantage of our consultancy based commentary, and we can comprehensively answer any of your construction or maintenance questions – remember, we are Registered Master Builders.

How can you help?

During your own inspections you may have noticed some areas of concern, please note them down so we can pay them particular attention. Especially if you have future plans for the home, we will be delighted to give you advice and ideas from our experience as renovators and restorers.

What if a major fault or defect is detected?

Don’t despair – most faults can be fixed. Secondly, after an accurate assessment of the problem and the cost of rectification have been established, you will be in a position to negotiate through the agent with the vendor.

Sadly, some inspectors seem to be panic merchants and don’t take the time to give the intending buyer a calm and rational explanation of the facts. Many a sale has fallen through unnecessarily and a real dream home lost.

Minor defects?

All houses, especially older homes have many minor faults and while these are noticed, we find it unproductive and unnecessary to list them. We’ll happily give you advice on repair and any preventative measures required to protect your investment.

How soon will you have your results?

Instantly. If you join us for the inspection, we will give you a verbal report then and there. If you can’t be there we will personally phone through the results as early as it suits you. Your typed (confidential) report will follow via email to you usually within a few hours after the inspection.