Welcome to ausispec Building Inspectors

Buying a house - particularly an older house can be risky business. There are all sorts of traps that you should be aware of before you settle your contract. There is some risk that the house may have structural problems not noticed by the untrained eye – problems that could cost you many thousands of dollars. Your new dream home could also have any number of non-compliant alterations and additions. You really do need the protection of a professionally conducted inspection before you commit your life's savings. An inspection performed correctly should be more than just picking faults. You know when you have found a house that 'feels' right, chances are you have chosen a sound investment. Our task is simply to give you the information to make an informed buying decision. Importantly, that doesn't mean we focus only on the 'bad'. Unlike some building inspectors who try to out-do each other with how many faults they can get into a ten or fifteen page report, we advise you intelligently of the good as well as the bad. If the house lends itself to renovation or creative extensions, we'll give you freely of our extensive experience in restoration and renovation to advise you. Buying a home should be seen from both sides – not just picking faults for the sake of it. Otherwise you may miss out on what is a potentially wonderful property and well worthwhile investment.